Price from 175.990 ISK per person.

Trek 51 - We will spend our five-day hiking trip exploring Iceland's awe-inspiring mystical East Fjords and the hidden gems of Viknaslodir, or the Deserted Inlets in and near Borgarfjordur Eystri. Borgarfjordur is known for its rich wildlife including puffins, sheep and horses. This is a Trekking adventure where we stay in a cozy country hotel (meals included) and take exciting day hikes from there. Furthermore, it's a great opportunity to meet the local people and try local food.

Tour highlights
  • Víknaslóðir
  • Borgarfjörður Eystri e. Borgafjordur Valley
  • Stóraurð e. Storaurd Hallow
  • Gönguskurð e. Gonguskurd Pass
  • Meet the locals
  • Breiðuvík e. Breiduvik Bay
  • Brúnavík e. Brunavik Bay
  • Puffins and bird watching
  • Authentic Icelandic experience
5 days
Age requirement
Min. age 10 y
Price from
175.990 ISK
About the tour

Trekking the East Fjords of Iceland

Hiking in Remote Nature Settings and Experiencing Authentic Iceland

We will spend our five day hiking trip exploring Iceland's awe-inspiring East Fjords and the hidden gems of Viknaslodir, or the “Deserted Inlets”, in and near the Borgarfjordur Eystri region. There the imposing and colorful mountains meet the ocean creating deep fjords littered with secluded alcoves along magnificent coastlines. Among Icelanders the vicinity of Borgarfjordur is known for its great natural beauty and incredible hiking routes, as well as being untouched by mass-tourism. This isolated region is also considered to be a central province of the elves. In the Alfaborg fortress (Elf-hill) their queen has long resided, governing and watching over her realm. A short walk from the hotel you can find an excellent bird watching facility at Hafnarholmi, by the harbour, where you can get up close to puffins, kittiwakes and other various birds.

Get off-the-beaten-track and escape the city to this charming village in the East of Iceland with only around 100 inhabitants. Enjoy the comfort of returning to your hotel room after a long day of hiking. Relax, visit the local spa or simply just indulge in the beauty surrounding you.
Borgarfjörður has an authentic Iceland feel to it due to its remote locations. You will be far away from mass-tourism and big crowds, it's your chance to get away and go off-the-beaten-path. Meet the locals and try the local food, pet the horses and sheep and get up-and-close with puffins at Hafnarhólmi bird watching station. This tour will give you a unique and homey experience of the remote countryside in Iceland.
Your visit to Borgarfjordur Eystri will be an unforgettable experience; the amazing views, deep fjords, wildlife, stunning lake, fishing village and its surrounding farms will stay with you for years to come. Don’t forget your camera!
*Please note: single supplement is required for solo travelers*
Local culture and knowledge:
Along the way, we will enjoy the hospitality of local people through their services, their knowledge of the area and its culture and their fresh food at their local restaurants. Bird watching is a frequent pastime on our routes, and sidetracks will take us to deserted inlets that tell us the story of a past far removed from mobile phone contacts. 

* Special offers available in shoulder season (September), please contact us to get more details. Northern Lights start showing around the 20th of August so the end of August and September is a great time to be far away from the city lights.
Elftours, a local tour operator in Borgjarfjordur Eystri operates this tour for Trek Iceland. We believe that they go by the same level of safety and environmental standards as we do.