Thorsmork Trek - 3 Day Tour - Trekking Behind The Mountains

Price from 79.990 ISK per person.

TREK 22 - Three Day Trekking Tour to the hidden valley in the Icelandic backwoods. Enjoy hiking in one of the most stunning places in Iceland, Thorsmork nature reserve.


Tour highlights
  • Þórsmörk (e. Thorsmork Valley)
  • Fimmvörðuháls (e. Fimmvorduhals Pass)
  • Magni and Móði (e. Magni and Modi)
  • Eyjafjallajökull (e. Eyjafjallajokull glacier)
3 days
Age requirement
Min. age 15 y
Price from
79.990 ISK
About the tour


Trekking behind the mountains is a great choice for those who enjoy trekking in dramatic and enchanting surroundings. The tour takes you to Thorsmork, a fertile nature oasis at the foot of the grand Eyjafjallajokull volcano and Myrdalsjokull glacier, a truly unique valley that is an all time favorite among locals. For thousands of years glaciers and glacial rivers have carved out this spectacular valley, creating a very dramatic landscape of sandstone sculptures, deep canyons and sharp ridges. You will spend the nights in a charming mountain hut inside the Arctic birch forest with a view of the mountains and glaciers. The valley takes its name from the Norse Thunder God Thor who is believed to have struck down his hammer and formed the valley. So it came as no surprise that the two new craters which were formed in Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption in 2010 were named Magni and Modi since they are Thor’s sons according to the mythology. But that’s not the only magical thing about the place. Thorsmork is also known for being a home to many elves and we will get a chance to see an elf church on one of the hikes.

The three-day trekking is an unbelievable gorgeous experience. Filled with adventures at every corner and amazing discoveries. You get a chance to hike up to Valahnukur mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view from the top, hike the Fimmvorduhals trail between two glaciers and visit the newborn twin craters Magni and Modi, see a lava “waterfall”, some impressive sandstone formations and walk along the astonishing canyon, Strakagil.

The trek gives you the opportunity to explore one of Iceland’s true treasures and we can’t wait to take you there!