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Are you looking for an adventurous way to explore the beauty of Icelandic nature? Take your time and explore the highlights of Iceland in a multi-day trekking tour. Whether you’re looking for a challenge and want to climb the highest peak in Iceland, or simply wish to soak your feet into a hot spring pool in the Highlands, we’ve got a tour just for you.

One of the world’s most famous trails, Laugavegur, takes you on a journey through breathtaking views of colorful rhyolite mountains. If you’re looking for a short escape, our two-day trekking tour through volcanic highlands, black sand beaches, and lava fields introduces you to the green valley of Thorsmork (Þórsmörk). Don’t miss your chance to see some newborn volcanic craters!

For those looking to dive into the world of magic, let us take you to a place yet untouched by mass tourism: the East Fjords. This region is often referred to as the homeland of local elves. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet some?

If you wish to leave all worries behind, take a trip to a secluded area of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve that’s only accessible by boat. Our hiking tour through untouched nature and unique wildlife will make you feel like a time traveler!

Hide behind a waterfall cascade, sail between the icebergs or simply stay in a village with locals. Whether you’re a backpacker, solo traveler, family or a group of friends, we have a trekking tour you’ll enjoy!

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