There are many who say that traveling solo is the best way to see the world.  

As a solo traveller you can experience the world without influence or preferences from someone else and might even, if you are lucky, stumble upon a journey of self-discovery.

Travelling solo is an ideal opportunity to try something new and Iceland is an excellent country to do it in. Why? Well for many solo travelers two main things fall into the important category; Number one is safety and Iceland is indeed very safe. The Police don’t even carry guns, we don’t have an army - because we don’t need one and Iceland has actually been ranked by the Global Peace Index the most peaceful country many many times.

The second thing would be a question about the locals; Are they friendly? The answer for Icelanders is YES! The locals are welcoming, it’s easy to interact with them (almost all Icelanders speak English) and they are very helpful.

Icelanders are though also known for liking silence. Icelanders will engage in a conversation if you start if (Pro tip: always good to talk about the weather) but they will also feel very comfortable in silence. In Iceland silence is never awkward which is great because Iceland and it’s natural beauty leaves you without words sometimes and that’s okay. But it also makes for a great conversation when travelling in a group of strangers.

Now we have explained why it’s good to be a solo traveller in Iceland but why is it good to be a solo traveller on our trekking and hiking adventures?

Why is it good to travel solo with TREK Iceland?

We at Trek Iceland welcome all solo travellers and do not charge extra for those who join our Treks as solo travelers. Many of our Treks have a high percentage of solo travellers and if you are looking to meet other like-minded individuals who love the outdoors you have a good chance of doing so by joining one of our Treks.

Our adventures are very much a group effort, we do everything as a team. We feel that having small groups on the hikes really brings us together and often creates great friendships. Our guides often say that the solo travellers are more open, friendly and helpful so no worries the guide already loves you if he knows you are travelling solo.


If you have any further questions feel free to drop us a line via email or a social platform of your choice - We look forward to hearing from you!


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