Solo Travel Tours in Iceland

Guided Trekking and Hiking Tours for Solo Travelers

Iceland solo travel tours are the number one way to experience the best of Icelandic nature on your own terms. Whether you’re looking for a short glacier day hike or a multi-day trek in the Icelandic Highlands, solo travelers can find it all in the land of fire and ice.

Guided hiking tours draw solo travelers from all over the world. They come together to enjoy the most beautiful trails in the country with new people from different backgrounds. After our guests walk, prepare food, and enjoy incredible nature together, it’s not uncommon to make friends that last a lifetime.

Our tours range from day hikes and multi-day treks to epic tours specifically designed for solo traveling hikers. The Laugavegur Trek for Solo Travelers is our top multi-day hiking tour, made for hikers who want to walk one of the world’s greatest trails with like-minded people.

Want to add Iceland’s best volcanic landscapes to your Laugavegur trek? Then we recommend the Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals 6-day Trek. Join knowledgeable hiking guides as they lead you through Laugavegur and into Fimmvorduhals Pass, where Iceland’s famous Eyjafjallajokull and Mýrdalsjökull volcanoes meet.

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About Iceland Solo Tours

Why Travel Solo with Trek?

Iceland is one of the world’s best countries to explore as a hiker. Solo travelers can choose from a long list of hiking paths woven atop magnificent natural landscapes. When you’re traveling to Iceland alone, it’s possible to spend your entire solo trip to Iceland on foot. 

Solo hiking tours are a popular option for travelers in Iceland who want to be led to the top trails in the country by safe and knowledgeable guides. Our guided Iceland solo travel tours also provide travelers with a hiking adventure designed just for them. From walking side by side to cooking meals collectively, our tours aim to bring like-minded people together to share in the experience of witnessing Earth’s astounding nature.

The Laugavegur Trail

The Laugavegur Trail is a 55-km path located in the Icelandic Highlands between Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork. Voted one of the world’s best trails by National Geographic, it takes you through the country’s most breathtaking nature, including rhyolite mountains, bubbling hot springs, and volcanic terrain.

Laugavegur isn’t only the most popular trek in Iceland — it’s also the number one destination for solo traveling hikers. Check out our Laugavegur solo tours dedicated to solo hikers who want to explore the trail’s dynamic scenery together.

Laugavegur Trek for Solo Travelers

The Laugavegur Trek for Solo Travelers is a 4-day hiking tour for travelers who want to spend their time trekking Iceland’s most famous trail with fellow solo travelers. This expert-guided tour is also a great option for independent travelers who want the convenience of luggage transport, easy pick-up from Reykjavik, and rustic hut accommodation. 

Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Trek for Solo Travelers

The Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Trek is a guided tour for solo travelers who want to combine a Fimmvorduhals Pass volcano hike with their Laugavegur Trail adventure. The 6-day solo tour includes 5 nights in hut accommodation, luggage transport, and 77 kilometers of hiking in stunning Icelandic nature. 

Top Places for Day and Multi-Day Guided Treks

Want a break from your busy solo trip schedule? Then we suggest letting someone else take the reins by joining one of our many guided hiking and trekking tours. From the tops of South Coast glaciers to the unspoiled nature of the Westfjords, our tours provide solo travelers with easy pick-up from Reykjavik, an intimate group setting, and experienced guides.

The Icelandic Highlands

The Icelandic Highlands feature Iceland’s most impressive natural attractions such as volcanic deserts, vast stretches of glaciers, and active geothermal areas. Hikers from around the world flock to the Highlands to discover the area’s untouched and serene natural beauty.

You can find amazing multi-day hikes and treks within the wide stretch of wilderness covering most of Iceland’s interior. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced trekker, walking adventures in the Icelandic Highlands give you a look into the world’s most unique nature. 

Hiking & Trekking Tours in the Icelandic Highlands

  • The Landmannalaugar Hike
  • The Thorsmörk–Fimmvörðuháls Volcano Hike

The Westfjords

The Westfjords of Iceland is one of the country’s least populated areas and filled with untouched nature. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve — the crown jewel of the region — has rugged mountain paths, thick wilderness, and interesting wildlife such as the arctic fox. The Westfjords are ideal for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts who wish to go deep into the heart of Iceland’s wilderness.

Hiking & Trekking Tours in the Westfjords

East Iceland

Similar to the Westfjords, East Iceland is a top destination for hikers because its fjords are rugged, unspoiled, and remote. The area is full of stunning waterfalls, sharp mountain peaks, and majestic reindeer roaming wild. With its immense natural beauty and charming local culture, East Iceland is another top hiking destination for both solo and group adventurers. 

Hiking Tours in East Iceland

The Best Adventures Near Reykjavik

Solo traveling in Iceland can mean long stretches of time spent driving alone from place to place. If you’re looking to spend more time adventuring and less time traveling, there are plenty of great day and multi-day hiking tours near Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. 

The Reykjadalur Trail

Iceland’s popular Reykjadalur “Hot Spring” Trail is a short 7-km hike only 40 minutes away from Reykjavik. The famous trail leads hikers through an area spotted with steaming geothermal activity and bubbling mud pods. At the end of the path, you’re rewarded with a naturally warm river where you can soak, relax, and take in the surrounding natural landscape.

Tours Near Reykjavik 

Is Iceland safe for solo travel?

Iceland is considered one of the world’s safest countries to travel. Solo travelers flock to the country because of its astounding beauty and peaceful society. Low crime rates, scarce number of dangerous wildlife, and great health care services make Iceland a top destination for solo trips.

Is Iceland safe for solo female travelers?

Iceland is extremely safe for solo female travelers. The country has very low crime rates and places high importance on gender equality, making it a safe and comfortable place for women to travel. Also, Icelandic people are very welcoming to visitors, which makes it easy for females traveling alone to approach locals to ask for help if ever a problem arises.

Glacier Exploration for Solo Travelers

Glacier exploration is a top reason to travel to Iceland. The country is one of the few places in the world where you can enter an ice cave and explore the underbelly of Earth’s glaciers. The number one reason solo travelers choose guided glacier hiking and ice cave tours is because it’s considered very unsafe to explore Iceland’s icy terrain without an expert guide.

Our small-group tours give travelers the rare opportunity to be led on majestic glacier terrain by a knowledge glacier guide. Expert-guides make sure travelers get the best out of their wilderness adventures while staying as safe as possible. Plus, most glacier hikes are available all year and include pick-up transportation from Reykjavik. 

Glacier Hikes and Ice Cave Tours

How do I plan a solo hiking trip to Iceland?

When you choose a day or multi-day solo hiking adventure in Iceland, it’s always important to plan your trip in advance. Here is a list of useful things to think about when selecting the right solo tour:

  • The weather forecast. Be prepared to face a wide range of weather conditions when you’re in Iceland. Packing the right clothes to bring is the best way to prepare for unexpected weather during your hike.
  • Road conditions. Though Iceland has a paved highway (the Ring Road) encircling the entire country, your solo hiking trip may require you to drive on unpaved and challenging roads. Keep in mind: some solo tours require you to have a 4WD vehicle if you decide to meet at the tour location instead of selecting pick-up.
  • Seasonal conditions. Iceland is a completely different country during summer than in winter. Summer days are long and bright and winter days are short and dark. Most of our hiking and trekking tours run during the spring and summer months (May-Sep), so it’s good to keep the season in mind when you plan your trip.
  • Fitness level. Depending on which tour you select, it’s possible you’ll need to train your body a few weeks ahead of time. We strongly suggest you think about what your fitness level is before you decide which tour is best for you.

What to Pack for Solo Hiking Adventures

Knowing what to pack on your trip is a key part of planning a trip to Iceland. To best prepare yourself for the country’s unpredictable weather, it’s strongly advised that you pack in layers. Packing your clothes in layers guarantees you’re ready for whatever elements you’ll face out on the trail. Remember: there’s never bad weather, only bad clothing! 


  • Base layer: thin, long-sleeved, wool, or synthetic (no cotton)
  • Mid-layer: fleece, down, or wool
  • Outer-layer: water- and windproof 
  • Steel wool socks
  • High-cut waterproof hiking boots (make sure to break in before trip)
  • Gloves and/or mittens (always good to have an extra pair!)
  • A warm hat or headcover
  • River crossing shoes
  • Long John pajamas
  • A swimsuit


  • Backpack (30-75 L depending on trek)
  • Sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen
  • A good quality, reusable water bottle
  • A towel and toiletries
  • Outdoor kitchen supplies (for self-guided hikes)
  • A first aid kit
  • A compass, a map, a GPS, and extra batteries
  • A 3- or 4-season tent with extra pegs and guylines
  • A mattress (with an R-value of at least 3)
  • A sleeping bag (down bags are warmest)

Traveling to Iceland alone? Join one of our solo travel group tours! Hike with expert guides and like-minded adventurers.