Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Trek - 6 Day Tour | TR-L6H

Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork & Fimmvorduhals Volcano

Chosen one of the Best Hikes in the World!

This 6-day hiking tour takes us to the most famous hiking trail in Iceland, the Laugavegur trail, known all over the world for its scenic beauty. Enjoy hiking from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork and up to Fimmvorduhals Volcano eruption area from 2010. A bucket-list experience for all hiking enthusiasts!

  • Availabillity
  • June - Sept
  • Duration
  • 6 days / 5 nights
  • Total Distance
  • 77 km / 47.8 mi
  • Max. Ascent
  • 800 m / 2600 '
  • Level
  • Moderate (3/5)
  • Min. Age
  • 8 years (camping) & 14 years (huts)
  • Accommodation
  • Huts/Tents
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  • 169 990 152 991
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  • COVID19

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  • Laugavegur Trail
  • Landmannalaugar
  • Thorsmork Valley
  • Lake Alftavatn
  • Eyjafjallajokull Glacier
  • Fimmvorduhals Pass
  • Emstrur
  • Hrafntinnusker
  • Hot Springs
  • Multicolored Rhyolite Mountains
  • Laugahraun Lava Field
  • Fields of Obsidian Rocks
  • Glaciers
  • Volcanoes
  • Markarfljotsgljufur Canyon
  • Magni & Móði Craters
  • Mount Brennisteinsalda
  • Amazing Nature
  • Highlands of Iceland

What Is Included?

  • Transportation To/From the Trail
  • Guiding Service
  • Experienced Trekking Guide
  • Accommodation in Huts or Tents
  • Meals
  • Luggage Transport from Hut to Hut
  • Small Group Experience

Tour Description:

The Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Trek, from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork and Fimmvörðuháls, was chosen one of the "20 Best Hikes in the World" by National Geographic and for a good reason.

The Laugavegur Trail starts in Landmannalaugar, a geothermal wonderland, known worldwide for its multicolored rhyolite mountains and warm hot springs that locals have enjoyed soaking in throughout the centuries. Prepare yourself for breathtaking scenery as we make our way to the highlands. Throughout the 6-day hike where you will be greeted with fields of obsidian, colorful mountains, black sands, hot springs, geysers, sparkling white glaciers and glacier rivers, elf churches and so much more. 

While absorbing all of Iceland’s natural beauty our guides will tell you about these mysterious areas, the landscape, flora, fauna and folklore tales. You will be guided safely through this magical area, stopping at all the right places to make sure you get the absolute best experience of Laugavegurinn as the locals call the trail.

We spend our nights either in rustic mountain huts or in camping tents (choose which upon booking) in beautiful remote locations, which adds to the charm of the hike. The locations include gorgeous places like ÁlftavatnHrafntinnusker and Thorsmork. Together, the group will prepare delicious meals to enjoy in a magical environment and atmosphere. A great time to reflect on the passing days. Sometimes we even take an evening stroll to areas off the beaten track to visit some of the enchanting secret places we have been finding in the past years.

At the end of the Laugavegur trail, we find ourselves in Thorsmork Valley, a surprisingly green and fertile valley which is named after the Norse god of thunder Thor. Thor is believed to have struck down his hammer and formed the valley. Thorsmork is nestled at the foot of the glacier Eyjafjallajokull which became world known in 2010 when it erupted, stopping almost all air traffic to and from Europe. From Thorsmork, we will hike up the valley, between Eyjafjallajokull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers, through a pass known as Fimmvörðuháls. This is where we find the two new craters that were formed in the eruption, Magni and Modi, named after the sons of Thor. These newly formed craters are some of the spectacular things you will see and experience on this 6-day trekking tour.

  • Great choice for solo travelers (no single supplement)!
  • At the end of August and September, we have the chances of seeing Northern Lights on the Laugavegur trail. 

Choose to overnight in Huts or Tents (specify in checkout).


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Please note that you are opting to overnight in


Please note that you are opting to overnight in



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12 km / 7.5 mi
4 - 5 hours
Hiking Time
470 m / 1540 '




12 km / 7.5 mi
4 - 5 hours
Hiking Time
490 m / 1610 '




15 km / 9.5 mi
6 - 7 hours
Hiking Time
40 m / 130 '




15 km / 9.5 mi
6-7 hrs
Hiking Time
300 m / 985 '




16 km / 10 mi
7-8 hrs
Hiking Time
800 m / 2600 '




6 km / 3.5 mi
~3 hrs
Hiking Time
275 m / 902 '

Practical Info

Basic checklist:

  • Hiking boots - good sturdy boots with sufficient ankle support, robust sole and waterproof 
  • Thermal underwear (long sleeve top and bottom) made of wool or synthetics (not cotton)
  • Wool or fleece thermal mid layer
  • Hiking pants (we don't recommend cottons as they take long to dry if wet)
  • Hiking socks made of wool or synthetic (at least 2-3 pairs)
  • Waterproof and breathable (fabric such as Gore-Tex or similar) both pants and jacket (preferably with a hood)
  • Gloves and mittens - wool or synthetic (waterproof over gloves/mitts recommended)
  • Warm hat and/or balaclava
  • Day backpack about 25-40 L 
  • Travel sack for your baggage that is transported between huts. (Suitcases are not recommended, we recommend a waterproof duffel bag)
  • River crossing shoes -for example quick drying trail runners, sandals (with straps) or neoprene shoes
  • Sleeping bag and travel pillow
  • Towel
  • Toothbrush and personal toiletries
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • 1-2 L Water bottle
  • Hiking poles
  • Gaiters
  • Penknife
  • Camera, batteries & memory card
  • Book
  • Headlamp for trips in late season (after August 10th)
  • Earplugs
  • Money for the showers (500 kr in coins)
  • Power bank / portable charging device

Pick up

Meeting points and times in Reykjavik:

7:00 a.m. - Tourist Information Center at Reykjavik's City Hall (Ráðhúsið) on Vonarstræti
7:15 a.m. - Hallgrímskirkja Church
7:30 a.m. - Reykjavik Campsite

Meeting points outside of Reykjavik:

8:35 a.m. - Selfoss N1 gas station
9:15 a.m. - Hella Bus Terminal

*Note that it can take up to 30 minutes before the bus departs the given locations.

Drop off

Outside Reykjavik

4:00 p.m. - Hvolsvöllur N1 gas station
4:40 p.m. - Hella Bus Terminal
5:20 p.m. - Selfoss N1 gas station
5:35 p.m. - Hveragerði N1 Gas Station (stops only if passengers ask for especially)

In Reykjavik

6:10 p .m. - Hallgrímskirkja Church
6:20 p.m. - Reykjavik Campsite
6:30 p.m. - Tourist Information Center at Reykjavik's City Hall (Ráðhúsið) on Vonarstræti

*Please note that these are estimated return times, road and weather conditions can affect the timetable.

General Questions

What is the group size on the tours?
All of our tours are small group experiences. We have a maximum of 16 participants on the hut tour and 14 participants on the camping tour.

Is there any drinking water along the trail?
Yes, you can fill your water bottles with tap water at the huts/campsites. It's perfectly safe to drink. There are also several streams along the way with safe drinking water, just ask your guide.

Equipment & Clothing

Are gaiters necessary?
Gaiters are optional but we always recommend that our participants use them. The weather in Iceland can be quite wet so the trails subsequently get wet as well. They are not necessary but being drenched on a hike when conditions are wet and muddy is very unpleasant. Some rain pants have straps at the bottom which serve a similar purpose as gaiters so if you are equipped with those you don't need both.

Are hiking poles necessary?
Hiking poles are also optional. The choice of using them or not, of course, depends on your own personal preference. Note that we do recommend hiking poles if you are used to hiking with them.

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"6 day trek Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals"


The trek began on 10.08.18 when we met our guide Hjalti Steinn and the other members of our group. There were 4 of us Brits, 4 Americans, a Mexican, an Austrian, a Belgian and 2 Dutch but everyone spoke English and we all got on well. It is a shame there is not time to use the thermal pool before the trek begins. The trek itself was brilliant with wonderful scenery and Hjalti was very knowledgable about the countryside we were in. The first hut was a shock - especially the toilets which need a s...

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"6 day Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Trek - 6 Day Tour (Huts) / great experience"


Two friends and me booked the 6-days-Trek Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls with Arctic Adventures. We exspected a small group and were suprised that there were 50 people in the bus (different groups together). The trek startet in Landmannalaugar. We hoped, that we could take a short bath there before the tour, but that was impossible. The guide said, we had no time für that. So we startet our hike to Hraftinnusker. Very fast, no time to take pictures because of the bad weather conditions. The hut wa...

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"6 day family hiking trek on the Laugavegur trail with Trek Iceland"


We did the 6 day trail with our two teenage sons in July 2018 and had a fantastic time. Top marks to our brilliant guide Norris, who was always cheerful, kept us safe and was a great source of information about Icelandic geography,myths and culture (and jokes). Day 1 was a tough initiation, finishing with a seemingly endless trudge through a snowfield to the campsite, but when we got there the kitchen tent was pitched and Ardar the driver had hot soup waiting for us. After that the walking (and ...

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"Laugavegur 6 days huts"


Excellent trek with beautiful scenery. Guide (Jono) was well informed and great at managing group dynamics. Food was delicious and exceeded my expectations. Be prepared for snow! Huts were great but toilets sometimes a little far from hut. Some huts were cramped with narrow beds. Although not an issue for our group, it would have been awful during peak season or on a trek without friends or family.

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