Landmannalaugar Pearl of the Highlands - 3 Day Tour

Price from 84.990 ISK per person.

TREK 29 - Three day tour to the southwest wonders of Landmannalaugar. A true realm of Icelandic nature revealing endless beauty and hiking possibilities.

Tour highlights
  • Landmannalaugar

  • Ljóti Pollur crater lake (e. Ugly Puddle)

  • Brennisteinsalda mountain

  • Bláhnúkur (e. Blue Peak)

  • Frostaðavatn lake (e. Frostastadavatn)

  • Hot spring bathing
3 days
Age requirement
Min. age 10 y
Price from
84.990 ISK
About the tour

This Trek will take you to the best spots of the Landmannalaugar area -  Lake Frostastadavatn, the ill-named Ljótipollur crater (Ugly Puddle), Brennisteinsalda volcano, Sudurnamur mountain ridge, Vondugil Canyon and Blahnukur peak. Enjoy hiking in a geothermal wonderland surrounded by colorful mountains, rhyolite hills and steaming fumaroles. After each day we have a prime opportunity relax in the hot spring pool of Landmannalaugar. Our Three Day hiking tour to one of the most geothermally active areas of Iceland is ideal for all hikers and lovers of nature. At last but not least, Landmannalaugar is the official starting point for the famous Laugavegur Trek ranked among the "20 Best Hikes in the World" by National Geographic.

Combine this trip with our famous Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Trek of and make it into an Eight Day Combo Trip!