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Climb Iceland's Highest Peak

Summit Hiking tour in the Southeast of Iceland

Join us in the foothills of Vatnajökull for a pulsating mountain hiking tour that will challenge and excite in equal measure. We’ll be scaling the famous Hvannadalshnúkur mountain – a gorgeous snow-capped peak that sits on the outer rim of a volcano. If you want to really push yourself and discover just how great you can be, then our Hvannadalshnúkur Summit Hike, is the perfect tour for you!

  • Availabillity
  • April - July
  • Duration
  • 12-15 hours
  • Level
  • Challenging
  • Min. Age
  • 16 years
  • Price
  • 48 900


  • Hvannadalshnúkur - Iceland's highest peak
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Skaftafell Nature Reserve
  • Hiking in Iceland
  • Summit Climb
  • South Coast Highlights
  • Small Group Experience

What Is Included?

  • Guiding service
  • Glacier gear

Tour Description

Your qualified guide will meet you at our base in Skaftafell, to go through the order of the day, deliver a safety briefing and answer any questions that you have. We’ll head straight for Vatnajökull, where our adventure will begin.

Our climb starts at Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier that extends for around 8,100 square kilometers (3127 square miles) and takes up 8% of Iceland’s total landmass. Our target, Hvannadalshnúkur, is contained in its icy depths rising a massive 2100m / 6900 ft above Vatnajökull. Hvannadalshnúkur is Iceland’s tallest peak – perched atop the Öræfajökull volcano it exemplifies Iceland’s nickname of the land of fire and ice.

The hike is tough – lasting between 12 and 15 hours depending on your experience level. We’ll cross a spectacular glacial landscape covered in winding crevasses, awe-inspiring ice sculptures and cavernous craters. Hiking on a glacier is a one-of-a-kind experience that is only enhanced as we start to climb above it and enjoy some truly amazing views.  

The hike is physically and mentally challenging – but that’s why you climb a mountain! The adrenaline rush that you get once you have conquered the mighty beast, is well worth the effort! Hvannadalshnúkur’s snow-carpeted peak offers the best views in the entire of Iceland – with the mighty Vatnajökull stretching before us and its many outlet glaciers jutting out to the sides. The sheer size of this icy natural wonder will surprise and delight in equal measure and you’ll gain a new perspective into how it has helped to shape Iceland’s unique landscape. Your passionate local guide will also tell you all about glaciers and how our actions are endangering their future.

If you want to test yourself and take on Iceland’s most extreme hike, then this tour is perfect for you. It’s an epic challenge, but the satisfaction that you get from taming the mighty Hvannadalshnúkur is well worth the effort.  So, join us – conquer the beast and enjoy the best views of Vatnajökull in the world!

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