Price from 9.500 ISK per person.

Trek 14 - Explore the incredible ice world of the Solheimajokull glacier on the South Coast of Iceland. Meet us at Sólheimajökull Parking Lot where our glacier hiking adventure starts. Great add-on to your day of South Coast sightseeing in Iceland.

Tour highlights
  • Glacier Walk
  • Small Group Guarantee
  • Sólheimajökull e. Solheimajokull glacier
  • Introduction on Icelandic Glaciers 
3 hours
Age requirement
Min. age 8 y
Price from
9.500 ISK
About the tour

Glacier Hike on Sólheimajökull Glacier

Glacier Exploration on the South Coast of Iceland

Join us on a glacier hiking adventure. We meet at the parking lot a Solheimajokull where our certified glacier guide welcomes you to the group. After a short introduction to the equipment and safety briefing, we take a short walk across the black volcanic ash and sand to the glacier tongue. As you walk through the valley that the glacier filled only a few years ago, you can clearly see how the glacier is retreating and changing. At the edge of the glacier, we lace up our crampons and set foot on the glacier for our adventure through this otherworldly natural wonder, a rugged, raw and ever changing hub of ancient frozen water.

With the rapid rate of global climate change, glaciers are shrinking and we never know when the last chance for an adventure like this will come. So use your opportunity while you are in Iceland and explore an amazing crawling glacier, before they melt and become inaccessible. Solheimajokull is located on the South Coast, with easy access from the ring road and a great add-on to your day of seeing the beautiful sights on the south coast.