Landmannalaugar Hiking Tour - Day Tour

Price from 12.990 ISK per person.

TREK 17 - Day tour to the southern highlands of Iceland to visit the wonders of Landmannalaugar and Hekla Volcano area. We will take you to a bubbling wonderland with caramel color peaks, soothing hot springs, rambling lava flows and clear blue lakes.

Tour highlights
  • Hiking
  • Brennisteinsalda Mountain
  • Hekla Volcano
  • Laugahraun Lava Fields 
  • Hot Spring 
  • Bathing in a natural hot pool
14 hours
Age requirement
Min. age 10 y
Price from
12.990 ISK
About the tour

Landmannalaugar, with the active volcano Hekla in its neighborhood, is one of Iceland's most unique destinations and a must for all those who love to explore the great outdoors. This is one of the most active geothermal areas flanked by rhyolite mountains and steaming hot springs offering plenty of activities and hiking trails. We set off on a 4-hour hike through the strangely sprawling lava fields of Laugahraun, Vondugil canyon and up to the summit of the most colorful mountain of Brennisteinsalda, with its steaming vents and sulfur deposits. Then continuing down through Graenagil canyon, which got carved as a result of the geodynamic activity of mountains, volcanoes and glacial rivers. If time and weather conditions allow we will climb Blahnukur, an approximately 60.000 years old volcano with a panoramic view of the Landmannalaugar Valley. Before our journey ends we will culminate with a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring, where both hot and cold water flows out from beneath Laugahraun mixing together and forming the ideal hot bath. Remember to bring your swimwear and a towel to enjoy bathing in the natural hot pool.


*Meeting points in Reykjavik if you purchased the pick up:

7:00 from Sólfarið (Sun Voyager) on Sæbraut 

7:15 from Reykjavik Tourist Information Center at Ráðhúsið (Town Hall) on Vonarstræti

7:30 from Hallgrímskirkja Church

7:45 from Reykjavik Campsite in Front of Reykjavik City Hostel

*Meeting points outside of Reykjavik:

8:35 from Selfoss N1 gas station

9:15 from Hella- Bus Terminal

* Note that if you do not purchase the pick-up then we will meet you directly in front of the main warden hut at 12:00 noon. You will need a 4*4 jeep to drive to Landmannalaugar and you will need to drive on F-roads.