Vatnajokull Wilderness - 7 Day Backpacking Expedition

Price from 189.990 ISK per person.

Trek - 30 - Explore Vatnajokull national park on a 7 day backpacking trek in the highlands of Iceland. Visit untouched areas, relax in a natural hot pool, hike on a glacier, along glacier lagoons and enjoy some of the most remote hot springs in Iceland.

Tour highlights
  • Glacier hiking and climbing
  • Wilderness 
  • Skaftafell Nature Reserve
  • Vatnajökull Glacier National Park
  • Rivercrossing
  • Camping 
  • Núpstaðaskógur e. Nupstadaskogur forest
  • Hot springs
7 days
Age requirement
Min. age 18 y
Price from
189.990 ISK
About the tour

For anyone looking to be reunited with nature, this is your trek! We will wade across glacier rivers and encounter anything from harsh lava fields to lush and fertile valleys. This 7 day backpacking tour will take you on a journey from civilization and into the remote wilderness where the view that greets you is nothing but the vast nature of the Icelandic highlands. You will be met by glaciers, glacial rivers and lagoons, waterfalls, lava fields and get a chance to soak in a hot spring. Since this is a backpacking adventure participants will carry all their personal gear such as clothes, sleeping bag, insulation mattress, etc. The tents, stoves, fuel and other group gear, is distributed evenly among the group so everyone carries a fair share. There are 2 people sharing each tent, but single tents can also be rented.