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There’s no better way to see the best Icelandic mountains, national parks, hot springs and nature reserves than on an Iceland hiking tour! Take a deep breath of that fresh Icelandic air and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

We offer a wide selection of trekking, hiking or walking tours. Explore the best of Iceland with a multi-day tour or enjoy a day hike to hot springs, a waterfall, or even a volcano! Dive into a glacier hiking adventure or strike out on a magical wonders trek at East Fjords. Explore Laugavegur with your family or choose a small group hike tour with solo travelers. Whatever you choose, Icelandic nature never fails to impress!

Take a guided walking tour from Reykjavik and enjoy the sightseeing around the famous Ring Road. If you’re feeling more adventurous, don’t miss a chance to hike on a glacier or even take an ice climbing tour! If you prefer a more relaxing trip, reunite with nature on an easy trek in Skaftafell Nature Reserve.

Whether your goal is to glimpse the Northern Lights in the winter, or hike out under the Midnight Sun in the summer, we have the perfect trek for you. From glittering ice caves to the famous Laugavegur trek, from winter tours and all-year hikes, there’s an Iceland hiking tour for everyone!

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