Laugavegur FAQ

Frequently asked questions about trekking the Laugavegur route in Iceland

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions from our travelers  before they embark upon their multi day treks! If you don't find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us at and we will happily help you out.  


What is the group size on the tours?
All of our tours are small group experiences. We have a maximum of 16 participants on the hut tour and 14 participants on the camping tour.


Is there any drinking water along the trail?
Yes, you can fill your water bottles with tap water at the huts/campsites. It's perfectly safe to drink. There are also several streams along the way with safe drinking water, just ask your guide.



Are gaiters necessary?
Gaiters are optional but we always recommend that our participants use them. The weather in Iceland can be quite wet so the trails subsequently get wet as well. They are not necessary but being drenched on a hike when conditions are wet and muddy is very unpleasant. Some rain pants have straps at the bottom which serve a similar purpose as gaiters so if you are equipped with those you don't need both.

Are hiking poles necessary?
Hiking poles are also optional. The choice of using them or not of course depends on your own personal preference. Note that we do recommend hiking poles if you are used to hiking with them.



Are there bathrooms and showers at the huts/campsites?
There are bathroom facilities by all the huts and campsites. There are showers at all of the huts/campsites except the one in Hrafntinnusker. Using the shower service costs 500 ISK and you can buy coins or tickets to use the facilities at the warden's huts.

Toiletries/hygiene at the huts/campsites
There is toilet paper in the bathrooms and soap for washing your hands. Anything else you might need e.g. shampoo, bandages, towels, washcloths, nail clippers etc. you will need to bring along.

Can you charge devices at the huts?
Since we are in the middle of nowhere there is limited electricity at the huts and the access is restricted to a few power outlets if any. Charging costs 1,000 ISK and is often only possible for a limited amount of time (if possible at all). We recommend bringing a portable charging device if you have one. If you don't and charging is necessary for you while on the trek, you will need to invest in one. You can get very inexpensive ones that work well.

Do I have to share a room with other people/what are the huts like?
Yes the huts are shared. They have dormitories with single and twin bunk beds so please be prepared to share a room with your fellow travellers. We recommend that you bring earplugs and an eye/sleeping mask if you have trouble sharing a room with others.  Click here to go to the hut website where you can read more about the huts and facilities. We stay at Hrafntinnusker, Álftavatn and Emstrur on the 4 day tour and Thorsmork as well on the 6 day tour. These are rustic highland huts in remote and beautiful locations. They are very charming and the atmosphere there is usually quite nice because everyone who is staying there is there for the same reason - to enjoy being in the nature and outdoors!


What do I need to carry on my Laugavegur Trek and what is transported?
The main luggage along with your sleeping bag and all the food is transported between huts/campsites by a support vehicle. Conveniently, all you have to carry is a day backpack with your lunch, water bottle, river crossing shoes, rain-gear, and other items or clothing you might need for the day.

What essentials might I need for the day?
In reference to what you will need to carry with you on the trek itself, it is only the essentials you will need for each day, the rest of your luggage will be transported to each campsite. In your day backpack you will need to pack your lunch, water bottle, river crossing shoes and other items you might need for each day such as medication, sunglasses, extra socks, etc.

Size of luggage / are there limitations?
There is a limit of 1 piece of luggage for each participant that can weigh up to 20 kg. Since there is limited space on the luggage trailer we kindly ask that you pack light out of consideration to other passengers on the tour so we can comfortably fit the necessities. Also, in accordance to our Environmental Policy, our goal is to keep carbon emission at a minimum and we encourage our customers to help us achieve our goal.

Luggage Storage - is there somewhere I can leave my extra luggage?
We have a luggage storage extra which is for extra baggage that you won't be needing on the tour and will be left at our headquarters for storage. You can bring your luggage on the tour and someone from our offices will pick it up before your group leaves Reykjavik and returned to you when you get back.

Why don’t you recommend suitcases?
We recommend a waterproof duffel bag since your luggage will have to cross rivers to get between campsites/huts and can get wet along the way. We also recommend that you put dry clothing and items in a plastic bag. It also makes the packing of the luggage trailer much easier and faster :)


What is the Special Food Extra?
Our standard menu includes milk products, fish, nuts, meat and bread so if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, have allergies or have other specific food preferences then we strongly suggest that you purchase the special food extra. This will help us in supplying the best meals possible for everyone.

What is the Luggage Storage Extra for?
We have a luggage storage extra which is for extra baggage that you won't be needing on the tour and will be left at our headquarters for storage. You can bring your luggage on the tour and someone from our offices will pick it up before you leave Reykjavik and returned to you when you get back.

Can I rent a sleeping bag from you?
Yes, you can rent a sleeping bag from us! You can either purchase the rental when booking the tour or you can add this to your booking by contacting us at least 2 days before the tour starts. Note that a sleeping bag cannot be rented once you are on the tour.

I am a solo traveler, can I stay in a tent by myself?
Yes, you can purchase the single tent rental either when you book the tour or by contacting us at least 2 days before the tour starts. This way you can have the tent all to yourself.  

Is there any information you need from me?
The only information we would appreciate from you is whether you have any medical issues we should be aware of. Also, if you have any food restrictions, then please have a look at our Special Food Extra. 

Connections and Power Outlets

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What type of power outlets are used in Iceland? Do I need to bring an adapter?
The standard in Iceland is 230V and 50Hz and we use F-type power sockets and plugs, so you might have to bring an adaptor if you are visiting from UK, USA, Canada or other countries using a different voltage, Hz or plugs.

Is there WiFi or internet connection at the huts?
There is no WiFi in the huts but there are spots along the trail and by the huts where you can get 3G/4G connections. However, the connection is very flaky so we try our best not to count on it. 

Does the guide prepare the meals?
The meals are prepared by the guide and the group together. Although the guide is usually the leader on the project this can go all ways. We have found that this brings the whole group together and makes a nice, fun and cozy atmosphere. We have a saying in Icelandic “margar hendur vinna létt verk” which basically means when people help out the job is a lot easier and we think that this fits perfectly to this question. Make food and friends at the same time!