WOW air took over Iceland Express

October 26, 2012

WOW air today purchased Iceland Express and the company will take over the entire business and deserve Mogensen CEO of the new company.
Announced the acquisition today but shall Mogensen says "Flirt" was between the two companies for some time for some acquisition or merger and have been sediment down to the contract table this week and decided to WOW air would take over the operations of Iceland Express.
Little or no disruption to flights of the companies and the companies will not merge, but only flight operations. WOW Air will take over navigation Iceland Express, trademarks and goodwill.
There is a possibility that some employees Iceland Express will be offered jobs with WOW air and likely to be key employees and executives will be brought to the chairs but it is possible that there will be redundancies among staff Iceland Express after the takeover.
WOW Air will from next spring, four Airbus A320 aircraft in its fleet and will be flown to a total of 15 destinations in Europe.