Seismic acti­vity moving north of Dyngju­jök­ull

August 24, 2014

Krist­ín Jóns­dótt­ir at the IMO says that the seismic acti­vity has increasingly been moving north of Dyngju­jök­ull. The grea­test acti­vity is now some 4 ki­lometers north of the glacier. This indica­tes that a possi­ble erupti­on would not be sub-glacial. This would greatly reduce the risk of a jök­ul­hlaup north of Vatna­jök­ull, as well as proba­bly spew­ing less ash into the at­mosph­ere. That would greatly reduce the risk of ash fallout in the area around an erupti­on. It would also mean a smaller risk of ash in­ter­fer­ing with flig­hts around the area. Trek Iceland is operating all treks as normal, we will keep a close eye on the activity and keep you informed if anything changes.