Landmannalaugar and than going for Vatnajökull next week

March 24, 2012

TREK Iceland is out in Iceland and coming up is Vatnjökull Expedition next week, with travelers from Norway.

Atli Pálsson our Lead guide is coming back from Landmannalaugar tomorrow and is preparing for next trip to Vatnajökull glacier. We are leaving on the 28th of march and driving up to Jökulheimar on the Land Rover Defender. It´s about 5 hour driving to Jökulheimar so we will have early start, because the same day we are heading up to Grimsvötn hut and hopefully it will not takes us more than a 2 days. In Grimsvötn we will take one resting day before we head in to the middle of the Ice Cap Vatnajökull. Weather in Iceland is getting better every day here, so we are optimistic about good expedition.