Intense seismic activity at Bárðarbunga, Vatnajökull

August 19, 2014

Currently seismic activity on the northern part of Vatnajökull glacier All our tours are running as normal and unaffected as of now, we will keep you updated and please check the Icelandic media for latest news from Vatnajokull.

From the Icelandic Meteorological Office:

“The intense seismic activity that started on 16 of August at Bárðarbunga persists. Very strong indications of ongoing magma movement, in connection with dyke intrusion, is corroborated by GPS measurements. There are currently two swarms: one to the E of Bárðarbunga caldera and one at the edge of Dyngjujökull just E of Kistufell. At 2.37 am on the 18th a strong earthquake (M4) was located in the Kistufell swarm.

Trek Iceland tours is running as normal and unaffected for now but we will keep you updated with info about latest news from the activity at Bárðarbunga part of Vatnajökull glacier.

Please check Icelandic Meteological Office for more and latest information about this.