Information for our Backpacking treks

July 7, 2015

We have had a heavy winter here in Iceland and an unusually cold spring.  We wanted to let you know that we might need to change the route on some of our backpacking treks due to rivers that can´t be crossed and heavier than normal snow conditions.  Unfortunately we can´t control the weather in Iceland as we had the coldest winter for 35 years.  We appreciate your understanding as we always try to do the trek as close to how it´s operated normally.  We ask our guest to bring gaiters for the trek and also to bring extra pair of socks as we will need to do some snow crossing on the trail.

Following is the link to the recommended backpacking equipment list We have also provided a link to our booking conditions

DISCLAIMER: Trek Iceland can modify and / or cancel departures and / or routes to force majeure, weather conditions and / or routs-access path, in order to guarantee our trekkers safety and security during the excursion