Cross Country skiing in Landmannalaugar

December 17, 2013

Trek Iceland went on a great cross country tour to Landmannalaugar the 10th of December it was the best time to be there good weather, a lot of snow and warm hot springs waiting for us at Landmannalaugar. This was a four day tour and we made short day hikes from the hut on the skis. Trek Iceland made successful tour to Landmannalaugar, this was a winter tour and only way to get was by super jeep. We drove from Hrauneyjar to Frostastadavatn where hiked on the skis all the way to the mountain hut in Landmannalaugar, the hut was warm because it heated up by the hot springs in Landmannalaugar. We took with us a traditional Icelandic Christmas food smoked lamb and good bread. Every day we made day hikes to the surrounding area Brennisteinsalda, Ljóti Pollur and more places the snow was heavy a lot of powder snow.